Sunday, August 16, 2009

little moments

"I might be small

But I'm on the ball

I might be little

I might get stuck in the middle

But there's one thing we know

Love makes little things grow

Yea, love makes little things grow."
Do you recognize these words?
If you have a pre-schooler at home you have probably watched "Clifford's Puppy Days". It has been a favorite at our house. I have always loved the opening song and today the words...
"Love makes little things grow"
have come to my mind again and again.
Here in the NICU the Mom's and Dad's are taught about skin to skin, about positive touch and we are taught how all of these things can help our child develop.
I so wish I would have had this information 9 years ago!

this is where I break for a moment and put my FSA hat on....IF YOU are a chapter chair I would highly encourage you to contact your local NICU and see if you can talk with their occupational therapist...try to put together a class for your adoptive couples about skin to skin, positive touch..bonding with your infant. The information we have recieved the past few days has been phenominal!!!
Adoptive Couples could REALLY use this information!!!

Spencer is doing fantastic!
He is off his IV, will be off his biliblanket tomorrow or the next day and he has graduated to the next level nursery. We are so happy with his progress and we know prayers are being answered.
Thank you for praying for our little guy!!!
We will still be here for a number of weeks...but everyday that goes well, helps!

As I sit in this nursery I look upon this incredible miracle the Lord created and I am so thankful Brad and I listened to the promptings to take the foster care training and to then become foster parents. It was baby steps for us...we were scared and didn't know if we could really let a child go and still make it through. But we moved forward trusting in the Lord that He would bless us with the strength to do His will....even if His will was for us to let go.
Many times I hear people say how they can't do foster care because they can't bear to let go. Letting go is hard....but the Lord is there to help you through it. You are not left empty or are filled with the knowledge that what you did was good and the Lord is happy with your service to HIS child. He will not let you suffer...He will bless you with a greater capacity to understand and to love. No loss goes unnoticed or uncounted.
There will come a day when you will reap the benefits of being counted among those who would love a child of God.

I share these things with you out of truly makes little things grow. My heart has grown through little things...little tiny people who needed someone....little moments that are only known between me, a special child and God...moments when I was mothering someone who really needed a mother. And then there are those little moments when the Lord has whispered to me that He is pleased with me and that I am loved. In those little moments my heart changed and will never be the same!
The great thing about this is that these little moments don't just happen to me...they can happen to you too.
Are you ready?


Mike and Hallie said...

What a lovely post! We are so excited for your family. All the best on this new adventure. We pray that your little guy will be out of the NICU soon.

E and J said...

I have been reading your blog for about a month now and I just loved this post so much I posted a link to it on my blog. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts.

terandfamily said...


Kirsten said...

Thank you for writing that! I needed to hear it. When/if our little guy leaves our home it will be so tough!! I hope I can handle it but I know the Lord will be with us!! Thanks!
Hope all is well with your little guy and hope he gets to come home soon!!!