Monday, August 17, 2009

Matching Mondays

Samuel age 1.
Samuel is an active toddler. He will let just about anyone hold him without making a fuss. Samuel loves dogs, likes taking trips to the park, laughing and dance.

Ignacio is an infant.
He was born healthy but later doctors discovered he has a medical condition. Please click on link to find out more.

Washington State
Alana age 7.
She enjoys art and music, and she has found that soft music soothes her and helps her to go to sleep at night. her dolls are among Alana's favorite playthings, and she enjoys riding her bike and swimming.

Elizabeth age 2.
A precious little angel sent from heaven, Elizabeth loves to be cuddled. She reacts well to her current foster mom. this sweet tiny tot has made leaps and bounds of progress since entering her current placement.


Mike and Tammy said...

Hi, I just found your blogs from "the r house".

I really connected with several of your posts. I, too have PCOS and after 8 (known) miscarriages, we have decided to adopt.

May I please put your "I A M" picture on my blogs?

Brenda said...

You bet! Thanks for asking!
PCOS stinks doesn't it!
I hope your adoption journey to your baby is a short one!