Saturday, October 24, 2009

The creative art of mess making 101.

This picture doesn't really have anything to do with this post...
it just makes me smile and reminds me of their personalities.

My children are brilliant!

They truly are!
I don't know of another creature on this earth that could pull off the amazing messes that my children did today without the adults knowing about it.
Some might call them "naughty"....others might call them "trouble" but I believe it takes a amazing mind to be so creative in their handiwork.

To give you a little background...a week ago this past Friday Haley became sick with h1n1 flu. Brenley and Camden followed shortly and symptoms began that following Sunday. It has been one very long week with my three oldest sick, trying to keep everyone happy, keep buckets in front of those who might be puking, medicines for fevers and body aches all the while disinfecting everything they touch or cough on including my own clothes and hands praying that Spencer will not be contaminated.
I dare say it was no easy task!

Tuesday I started coming down with incredible body aches but the full blown flu didn't seem to hit until Thursday when I all of the sudden felt like I lost strength in my arm. Not sure what what was happening I called a ward friend over who just happens to be the Caption of the Fire Battalion here in my city (I hope I am getting this correct). He checks me out then calls 911 and has his guys come check me out further. No life threatening issue...probably just the effects from the stupid flu. By Friday I am not well at all and Brad surprises me by coming home early from work (bless his sexy heart!) and he even stopped at Redbox and brought me a dvd!
I really have a great hubby!

So while my kids were getting better I was just starting to flu fun!
Today as Brad did dishes, fed children, and worked on laundry my kids were in the loft. First they were told to clean the loft and they did and I was happy that my kids were being obedient. It stayed clean most of the day as they ran errands with Brad then this evening it became a disaster area. I am not even sure how they could have made the messes they made. They had every toy in the loft out, the toddler bed mattress was moved and being played with and then I saw the bathroom. The bathroom was all Camden's art work. There were wet towels and clothes all over the floor, the toilet we overflowing and completely clogged with massive amounts of toilet paper and then there was the sink. The sink was covered in toothpaste and liquid hand soap as well as shampoo. Camden had decided to make bubbles to pass the time away. All of this happened in a very short time period. I won't even mention what rooms looked like today. There seemed to be purpose in each mess.....I couldn't really tell what purpose but my kids could. I decided that my children could teach a class called
"The creative art of mess making 101".
They are brilliant I tell you....
just brilliant!

These brilliant minds are now busy cleaning up their days work and hopefully learning a few lessons. I have learned once again that Moms and Dads just can't be sick....if they are the children express their boredom in the most creative ways.
I just hope this amazing talent follows them into adulthood but manifest itself a bit differently.

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