Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do better with the most needed things.

This is Haley. This picture reminds me of the time when I was a creative and playful mom.
Planning to bring that part of me back into the game....starting today!

From the moment we found out about Spencer, life changed in many ways.
For a while things were crazy trying to manage home and children and rushing off to spend as many hours as I could with Spencer in the NICU. I had to do only those things that were most needed. Everything that wasn't essential got put aside for a later time.

Once Spencer was released and home with us life changed again as I was up alot at night and barely able to function during the day. This was compounded by colic which consumed much of the day and night for over a month. Once again I had to focus on those things that were essential for that time period...everything else had to wait.

Having a baby in the house changes many things. It also helps me see what is truly important. I have had many feelings the past month or two about what is truly essential in my life. I am realizing more and more what was once most needed at one point in my life isn't what is needed now. My children are growing fast and if I don't stop and do those things I always planned to do and teach them the things I always planned to teach.. then I am going to lose my chance.

I see clearly that my family is what is most essential right now...above adoption, above fostering or any other passion. My family is most needed by me.
Today I found a quote on this blog.
It says what is in my heart and is a great reminder of what I have been feeling lately.
I am printing it out and taping it to my refrigerator and my bathroom mirror.
"Let the phone go unanswered and let the beds go unmade. Instead, steal those moments to sit side-by-side, play face-to-face, create, read and just be together."
I am guessing the blog owner is the author of this marvelous is truly inspired.

When my girls were small I was a very creative mother. We were always making something, or reading something or planning fun outings. I am not sure when or how I lost that but as of today (even while I sit here in bed the with the flu) I am determined to do better.
Above anything else I want to succeed as a wife and mother.

So today I make this declaration.
I will Do Better at taking care of those things that are Most Needed!

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Anonymous said...

You said what I needed to hear today. I have gotten distracted lastely by facebook or even my own blog. I have felt like a "bad" mom at times when I've let the TV entertain when I should be the one entertaining.

Michael McLain(sorry if it's mispelled) has a song I love so much. I wish I could remember the title, but it talks about a mother needing the lullaby tonight instead of the child. I know I have many days when I could use the lullaby. :)

Thanks for including the quote you found. Putting it on the fridge is a great idea. It will be a great reminder at my home too. Thank You!