Monday, October 26, 2009

Matching Mondays

It is so exciting to see how many are including Matching Mondays on their blog!
If you haven't taken the Matching Mondays challenge go here to read about it.
If you don't feel like doing Matching Mondays on your blog but you want to do something to help waiting children in your state may I suggest you get involved with your local heart gallery. Many times heart galleries have fundraising functions that you can volunteer to help with. You can also invite your heart gallery to a local adoption function. This past August we had the Utah Heart Gallery present at our National FSA conference. Whether the gathering is large or small any chance to help change hearts and open minds is a good thing! Giving children who are waiting for families an opportunity to be seen is essential to their hopes of finding a family!

November is National Adoption Awareness Month.....check out your local heart gallery and local department of children and family services...find out what you can do to help children in your area!

Nathally is 1 year old.
"Sugar and Spice and everything nice…." is what precious 1 year old Nathally is made of!! Nathally (pronounced Natalie) was born a healthy child but due to head trauma she sustained when she was four months of age, she is totally blind. Her future prognosis with regard to overall functioning is unknown at this time. She is a beautiful child who will add much love and affection to the right family.

Jawon age 7.
JAWON is a very polite, honest, seven-year old boy of African American heritage who is most affectionate when he feels loved and cared for. Jawon has an adorable, engaging smile, big expressive brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a beautiful dark mocha complexion. He thrives on one-on-one attention, and feels most secure and safe in a structured, consistent and very predictable environment. Jawon tends to be introverted, but that may change when he gains the social skills he needs to interact successfully with peers and other children. At this time, he feels most comfortable around adults and teenagers, people to whom he can look up to and emulate. Jawon is more of an indoorsy kind of child, whose favorite activities are playing games on his GameBoy, building with Legos, watching Ninja Turtles’ cartoons and movies, and playing with remote control cars. He also, though, enjoys riding his bike.
Aschley age 10.
Lovable and engaging are the best ways to describe this fun girl. Aschley has a great sense of humor, is very friendly, and loves showing affection. She enjoys sewing and crafts but her personal favorite is playing outdoors. Her imagination shines when playing house or with her dolls. This child has a passion for animals and an even greater zest for people. It’s a delight for Aschley when she is able to engage in activities with her foster family and mentors.
I have featured Aschley before on MMs but with her new picture I couldn't help but feature her again. What a darling girl!

Zachary age 15.
Energetic in nature, Zachary prefers to spend most of his time in the great outdoors and loves riding his bicycle. He likes to hike and play any sort of sport that involves a ball. Zach enjoys air hockey, movies, music, and food. If he had his choice of a meal, you can bet it would be either Mexican, Chinese, or Italian. Click on his name to learn more.

Utah has many children in their "take me to new kids" link. More than normal. Some I have already featured but it doesn't hurt to take another peek.

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hi brenda, can you email me how to copy & paste your matching mondays onto my blog? i am thinking i will copy your MM children and then add one or two children from my state. thanks a bunch,