Monday, November 23, 2009

Matching Mondays

Thank You for coming here each week and supporting MMs! Thank you for the emails and comments! Special thanks to those of you who are checking with states to find get permission to feature their children! I also want to send a special thank you to those who are joining with me to feature waiting children! I don't know if we will ever know if we are making a difference but as I talk to people and read emails I believe we are!
To mrs. r.....thank you again for helping me with this effort! It has meant a great deal to me!! I love knowing other people who are willing to give voice to their passions!
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Week!!!! I hope next year these children below will have a family all their own to be thankful for and parents who count them as the greatest blessing in their lives!
Children deserve to be loved and cherished!

Josiah age 8.
Friendly Josiah is greatly anticipating being adopted and having a stable, loving family of his own. This kind kid loves to ride his bike but one of his greatest passions is for football! Josiah is a people person and likes to mingle with those he meets. He is very adaptable and is a fun boy to be around. Josiah is currently attending the third grade. He is benefiting from counseling, which will need to continue after placement. A nurturing home that can prove to be caring and secure is what Josiah needs most. This young guy is waiting for a forever family who can offer him the great home he deserves. It is very important to Josiah that his forever family be supportive of contact and visitation with his biological siblings.

Frank age 12.
Frank is described by others as an attractive young man with expressive, brown, sparkling eyes. He is outgoing, loving and enjoys helping around the house. He also enjoys shooting hoops, meeting new people, playing with cars and drawing. Frank is very active, energetic and loves hugs! He would prefer living in a home and community with children he can interact with. He also likes animals and has a cat, dog and two birds in his current foster home.

Academically, Frank describes himself as a “smart kid.” He is in the sixth grade and will need help catching up in math and reading. In addition, he will need support in meeting his academic potential and a structured school plan that will address his behavioral issues which include being physically and verbally aggressive toward his peers and authority figures at school. Currently, Frank is continuously working on his behaviors in school and learning to accept direction from authority figures.

Austin & Jacob ages 15 & 9.
Austin and Jacob are typical boys, who enjoy rough housing, playing sports, and playing video games. Both boys have bright blue eyes and sandy brown hair, which is kept short.
Austin is reserved and can be soft spoken. He enjoys cooking meals and is learning a variety of life skills. He loves going to school and being 'one of the guys' with his peers. He also enjoys being read the Harry Potter series.

Jacob is outgoing and is often more dominant than Austin. Jacob has a funny sense of humor and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. He enjoys dressing up on a daily basis and loves his suit jacket and tie combination. He can be a very smart boy and is able to maneuver situations to his benefit.

KJ, Robert & Markala ages 11, 8 & 2.
KJ loves sports and basketball is his favorite. KJ enjoys playing video games and swimming. He does well in school and makes good grades. KJ has a hearing deficit and requires the use of a hearing aid. He also has a slight speech impediment due to this. He will thrive with love and support.
Robert enjoys playing video games and playing with his brother. Robert will require ongoing help in school. He has difficulty with reading and will need structure to help him achieve educational success. He enjoys participating in church.
Markala is a beautiful little girl. She is very quiet and does not talk much until she feels comfortable. Markala enjoys playing with other children and giving hugs. She will require a nurturing family that can work with her on developing emotionally.

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