Thursday, December 3, 2009

The good news

Finally got the call I was waiting for....I don't have MS. I am not diabetic, b12 deficient and I don't have any auto immune disorders.   I am Vitamin D deficient (which most people are).   So I will be taking vitamin d from this point on. 
I am hoping that might be the answer to the strange symtpoms I have been having.
I don't get alot of sleep...Spencer is almost 4 months old but he is still up every 3 hours in the night for a bottle.   It has been really hard on my 36 year old out of shape body.  

I am thankful they have been able to rule out scary things!
Right now i have a massive cold and sitll feel funky but I am hopfully on my way to wellness!
What do you guys do to help stay healthy and strong??


Whitneymwall said...

Yay!! I'm glad that you don't have any of those afflictions too! I hate waiting for the results of tests from the dr's office. I think answers about your health ought to instant so you don't have to worry.

I Exercise, drink lots of water, multi vitamins and flax seed oil. I'm going to start taking vitamin D too as soon as I go buy some-- I've read that it's great stuff. So far it's worked pretty well.

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journey said...

Oh wow that's a relief!

I don't eat sugar or bad carbs which straightened out a lot of things for me. (and I lost about 30 lbs!)

-Special Mothertivity- said...

Glad it was nothing serious.
I go to bed early- as early as I can once the kids are in bed.

Unknown said...

From someone with a four month old who wakes up every three hours as need a nap. Exercise when you wake up in the morning and go to bed early. This is the only thing saving me from total meltdown. Hang in there! Glad some of the scary things have been ruled out.

SmallAdventures said...

LOL Kim I soooooooo need a nap!!! I think I need a 2week nap. I do believe complete and total exaustion has caused some of this problem.