Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still Worried.

Yes I am posting again about my health.
It is on my mind so much I am not sure what else to write about.
I am so relieved at the good news I recieved this past thursday...but I still don't have answers and I still have symptoms.
The most bothersome of all of them is the feeling of heat that keeps radiating from my underarms and each side where my leg meets my torso.   I also get them on each side of  my stomach and random places in my head and neck.   I realized last night that most of hte time it is happening where I have lymp nodes.   This realization scared me.   I am trying not to panic and think of cancer but it is hard not to panic a little.   My neck hurts today...kind of like a sore throat but down lower.   I am hoping I can see my doctor tomorrow.  
I should be working on matching mondays for tomorrow....but I as soon as I am done typing this I have a little 7 year old who needs me.....having trouble with being scared of werewolves.    This came up out of the blue this evening on our drive home from Grandmas house.   She cried so I am bunking with her tonight.
I plan to get to MM for tomorrow...I just might be a little late in the day before I get it done.    Bear with me as I try to get through a few things and if you could I would really appreciate prayers.    I am trying to be calm and think positive.   There is no real reason for me to think the big 'C" word....I am just being a worry wart.


Meg said...


Hi! It's been a while! I still happen upon your blog every once in a while... but I wanted to write you about this post today. I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well. Health can be scary when you don't know what's going on (and even when you do). Keep trying to find out though, don't take "we don't know" as an answer... there will be an answer. On your lymph node wonders, I found an enlarged lymph node in my neck this summer, and the first doctor I went to said it was just a cyst and not to worry about it. That just didn't feel right and my gut told me that it wasn't right. So I went to another doctor and had a biopsy and I do have Hodgkin's lymphoma. Since you were wondering if it was something with lymph nodes you can always demand a biopsy or a pet scan to see if you have cancer. It's your health... sometimes you have to be pushy. The only way to know if you have cancer is to do a biopsy. One thing though is that usually lymphoma is not painful. I had absolutely no pain at all, just a swollen lymph node that felt like a grape. Anyway, not sure why I'm telling you this story, other than I've had a year of medical drama too and sometimes you do have to be persistant to see what's going on and really get the help that you need! Love you Brenda, hang in there! (

SmallAdventures said...

Megan! Thank you for your comment! I love you too! I am so sorry you have been going through so much!!!!! What are they doing for you? what is the prognosis?
email me ok.
cutefamilyof5 at gmail dot com