Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Family Fun: Sometimes you just HAVE to play.

I woke up this morning planning to run an errand and then come home to clean, clean, clean.   My kids were going to clean their rooms and do a few other chores and then head out to play.   I am not sure what got into me but I decided it was time to do something fun before we work.   So we ran my quick errand then headed off to the Gateway and ate happy meals (well the kids did anyway), we each bought a gum ball from the gourmet gumball cart and then we headed to the Olympic fountain.  Spencer and I hung out and watch the kids go crazy in the water but I think I had just as much fun watching my kids get wet as they had playing in the water.  It has been a long time since we had come to the fountain so my girls didn't even remember it and Camden had never been there so they  had no idea what was about to happen.   Every 30 minutes the fountain goes from calm to bursting as the Olympic theme pounds through the speakers.   When it hit and the fountains were shooting up I saw the looks on my kids faces and it was priceless!!!   I wish I could have captured it on camera. 
I was laughing so much other adults were looking at me like I was crazy. 
But....I guess I am kind of crazy. 
Crazy in love with my kids and crazy about being a Mom!   Today I felt so grateful for the moment.  I feel like over the past 6 years I have had to fight to be "in the moment" with my kids.  I am always worrying about some responsibility I have to take care of whether it be a family item, FSA item or just anything.  I have struggled with living in the moment with the people who matter the most.   I have been getting much better at it.   I do notice that as I get better at it I don't do as well with those other things...but I know what I am doing with my kids matters and is important. 
Today the moment was all mine to soak in and I had a great day!!! 
I think my kids had some fun too!  :)

After getting all wet we decided to check out the Chalk Art Festival...we strolled around and watched the artists begin their amazing work.   We stopped to say hi to our friend Heidi who helps head up a group that helps raise funds for children in foster care.  The Annual Chalk Art Festival continues tomorrow...take your kids and have some fun....don't forget to bring a towel!

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