Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Count!

I Count...

My gains toward a healthier me.
1.  I got on my bike and took my kids for a ride.  My knee didn't like it one bit so I am off the bike until I see my ortho specialist.  bummer...but I am still determined!
2.  Still getting lots of water.
3.  buying a pair of pants that ended up not fitting (grrrr) just added motivation to keep moving forward no matter what obstacle tries to stand in my way.

My Blessings.
We have  received so many blessings over the years and have noticed an abundance coming all together lately.  Some are too personal to mention....but I am counting them!
1.  Got wonderful reports during our parent teacher conference appointments.   More than wonderful...incredible news!   We really do have great kids!
2.  I have a little boy who keeps telling me how much he loves me!   I get lots of hugs!
3.  Spencer is walking and so happy about it.
4.  I have an incredible hubby who always thinks of me and my needs!  He is my Mr. Darcy and Colonel Brandon all wrapped up in one!  I truly am blessed to have such a thoughtful spouse!
The list could go on and on....my hands are getting tired.  darn carpal tunnel!   Making an appointment to get them fixed.  I am getting tired of achy, asleep hands.

My Goals.

This week I plan to:
1.  continue water intake.
2.  get some type of exercise on the days my knee and back aren't bugging me.
3.  eat more veggies and fruit each day.
4.  plan our Family Home Evening lesson before Saturday. 


Whitneymwall said...

Go Brenda Go! Good for you!

Shian said...

Have you tried a chiropractor for your carpal tunnel? Just a suggestion :)