Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creating Life - Thankful 2B a busy Mom!

I remember a time where I dreamed of being a Mother who got to do fun stuff with and for her children.   Brad and I were married for almost 6 years (just 8 weeks shy of 6 years) before the Lord blessed us with Brenley.   I had oodles of time to dream up the mother I planned to be.   I had years of dreaming about how the nursery would look, how I would never raise my voice and how I would read to my kids every day.   The nursery dream never came to fruition, while I try not to raise my voice it definitely happens and yes I have even failed at reading to my kids everyday.   Reality is upon me and has been for many years....and can I just say how thankful I am for reality!!!!   In the real world I am not the perfect mother, I don't make perfect meals and I get frustrated often when my kids don't follow directions.   This week I have had my kitchen table taken over by pieces of paper.  I have been spending hours copying, cutting with scissors/slide cutter/cricut, and then putting paper piecing craft kits together in little baggies. 

One set is for almost 20 girls for Activity Days. 
The other set is for 30 little 2nd graders for their Christmas party on Friday.   
Today alone I cut 240 circles with my Cricut.   I am happy to say I have completed the "preparation" stage of my projects.   During the hours I have spent copying and cutting I have thought of the days when I longed for this experience.   While the image of what it might be like is slightly different than what is really is is still a joyous experience!!!  I get to be the Mother to 4 great kids!  I have the blessing of opportunity!   I have the opportunity to work with  my girls in our LDS Activity Days.  I have the opportunity to be Haley's Room Mother at school.   I am spending these hours on these projects because I want my kids to know they are important to me and they are worth my time.   Yes I am infertile and I cannot create "life" but there isn't anything stopping me from creating a life for my children that is filled with the memory of a Mother who loves them!
Again I say - I am blessed because I get to be the Mother to these four incredible children!
I am so thankful!

Here is a peek at the things that have kept me so busy.
Activity Days - The Crippled Lamb story and paper piecing ornament
My favorite children's story for Christmas is "The Crippled Lamb" by Max Lucado.   It holds special meaning for me as someone who once felt "left behind".   The first time I heard this story  I was a teacher of children in my church.  They had a Christmas activity and read this story.   I had to leave the room to get hold of myself.  I cried pretty hard because I felt like the story was speaking to me.   The story still speaks to me and speaks to anyone who feels like they are different, not as good or feels left out.  I decided I wanted to do an activity around this story in hopes the girls would remember that the Lord has a plan for them.  After I share the story I will teach the girls about paper piecing and help them make a little paper lamb ornament.

The Lamb pattern came from this paper piecing pattern.  I purchased it online for less than 2 dollars.

I love Pebbles in my Pocket :)
(Thanks Holly for the heads up on this!)

I also created this little tag to help them remember what we talked about.

2nd Grade Christmas Party - Paper piecing Christmas Tree card.
Do you remember this post?
I used the same pattern and prepared 30 "kits" so the kids could make a Christmas card for someone they love. 

This is one of 4 activities so I had to get it ready so they could put it together quickly.  It is also a very simplified version of the pattern.  

If you are looking for other Christmas craft ideas my sister had her kids make these gum drop trees.  I thought they turned out pretty cute!

(picture by Carolyn Wells)

They used Styrofoam cones, toothpicks and colored gumdrops.

No matter what we spend our time doing with our children this Christmas it is the words spoken, love shown and memories made that count the most.
Happy Memory Creating!

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Holly said...

Wow Brenda! Those are all darling! You are an awesome mom and your example motivates me to be a better person. Thank you so much!