Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Creating Life - Valentine Rosette Box

Last week I heard about a contest on KSL Studio 5.
(If you don't live in Utah this is a local show that features great ideas in crafts, shopping, great recipes etc.  Something Mom's like me enjoy.)
You had to make a craft on a $5.00 budget but you could only use one item you already had.   Things like glue, tape, scissors and printer paper was all "free".
I decided to decorate the wooden box I had sitting in my garage.  That was my "one" item.
I used glue and printer paper I had at home and then purchased one bottle of paint, 1 roll of tissue paper and 1&1/2 yards of ribbon. 
My total cost was $3.02.
Here is my finished product.

Right now it is being used as our book box but once Valentines is over it will be going up in Brenley's room.
One thing I love about this box is the many different things I could use it for...but books are my favorite!

I doubt I will win in the contest but I am happy with what I created.
It gave me great satisfaction and I am thankful for the experience.

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leisha said...

You are so cute. I love your craft projects.