Monday, February 20, 2012

Matching Mondays

Just as I was pondering over Matching Mondays for this week I came across this incredible article from Marjorie Cortez at KSL. The Article is titled "Teens in Foster Care need 'a break' to turn around their lives". My eyes filled with tears as I read these words from Rosa McFarland a teen adopted from foster care.  She said ""I never thought I'd have another family and that I'd belong,"

"Who wants to keep a 17-year-old? Who wants to do that?"
My hope is that YOU will be that someone!
Here are today's waiting children.


This special article goes on to say:
"Teens who don't forge bonds are less likely to graduate from high school, thus at higher risks of unemployment and homelessness. One study reports 30 percent of children who age out of foster care end up incarcerated.
Locally, roughly half of the teens and young adults served by Volunteers of America — Utah's programs for homeless youth — were in the state's foster care system at some point in their lives, said spokeswoman Michelle Templin."
 I have seen this first hand.   Our youngest son came to our family through foster care.   After his Birth Mother (a young adult who aged out of foster care)  willingly and lovingly placed him in our arms she tried hard to stay away from drugs and trouble but is now sitting in jail facing difficult charges.   I have often wondered what life is like for someone who has no one.  How much harder it would be to go through hard things and when something does go your way how is it to not have parents there to rejoice with you?  The reality of what some children face each day makes my heart heavy.
But this is the reality of far too many children...they have no one to love them, no place to call home and no one to hang on to and help them make good decisions.

Maryanne McFarland who is Rose's adoptive Mom said...
"When you hear their stories you think 'When is this kid going to get a break?' You'll see one thing upon another upon another that has happened.
You think 'That kid needs a break.'
That break could be you

The article goes on to say:
"Rosa McFarland, now 27, has profound appreciation for the difference her adoptive family made in her life, as well as their ongoing efforts on behalf of teenage girls they care for as foster parents.

"They did me the biggest favor saying they wanted to keep me. I didn't think I was adoptable," Rosa McFarland said. "Nobody wants to be on their own. They want to be loved and cared for and comfortable."

I hope you will take time to read the whole article...very touching.
If you are in Utah and you want to learn more about what YOU can do to change the life of a child please attend one of the following Utah Foster Care Foundation Public Forums

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. Utah Foster Care Foundation offices 5296 S. Commerce Drive, Suite 40 RSVP at (877) 505-KIDS
South Ogden
Saturday, Feb. 25, 10 a.m. - noon Holy Family Catholic Church 1100 East 5550 South RSVP at (877) 505-KIDS

If you don't live in Utah you can find out more about the children in your state by contacting your local department of child and family services.

Please consider the children featured in this post.  If you don't feel it is a fit for you will you please share their information with others.   The more who know the more chance they have! 

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