Monday, December 3, 2012

Matching Mondays ~ 8 years is far too long to be waiting in foster care.


is a special kind of
that is shared not by people who are related by
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~ 12 year old girl
I recieved a special Christmas card in the mail this week.
It had these pictures on it.
I felt inside what my daughters voiced aloud.....
"Mom, what a pretty girl!  How sad, she has been in foster care for so long."
The truth is hard to see...Amanda has been waiting for far too long.  Can you even imagine what that feels like?
There is so much more to Amanda than a pretty face or a sad story.
She is a girl who hopes and dreams and wants to be loved and be able to trust someone enough to give her love back.

A few years ago after attending the Utah Heart Gallery Opening I wrote an article titled "Touched".  I wanted to share with you one paragraph from this article.
" I thought of the children whose pictures I was holding and all the many faces of children waiting for a family, and I realized once again how similar our stories are. I was hoping for a permanent family. . . someone to call my own . . . exactly what these children are hoping for. . . someone to call their own . . . a place to lay their head every night and know they are loved. We are the same in so many ways. The difference lies in what we can do about it. We can give more money, be more proactive and reach out to our family, friends and community to help in our adoption efforts. These children cannot-- they have to rely upon other adults to help them. Their hope rests on workers, photographers and events to help them find their forever family. Just as we pray for a child . . . they pray for parents. They have to wait for hearts to change and minds to open. They are forced to "wait." "

Please please take time to read about 
Please then take time to post about her on Facebook, twitter and any other social media you use.  We can help others learn about her and help increase her opportunities for a family.
Christmas is only 22 days away...what does it feel like to be parent-less at Christmastime??
It is my hope this season will bring a new life for this young girl.

Important Update:  After posting this initially I received word that the little guy named Caleb I told you about in October in this post is re-available and needs an LDS home asap.   Please help spread the word about him as well!!!  He will be leaving his respite care placement on Tuesday and needs a family.

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