Thursday, May 2, 2013

-40 by my 40th ~ update

It has been while since I posted about my weight loss goals.   My weight has been all over the place...sometimes down 3 sometimes up.   It has been strange since our California vacation.  
What I am doing right and regularly is:
1.  Walking.  Every evening I walk with a couple of sweet friends.  Becky Jones is one of them and she is amazing.  You might remember her from this guest post.   I think we are about ready to bump up our walk and make it least I am feeling ready to do that.   
2.  I am still doing great with my soda goals.   I have had a few diet cokes but it has been an occasional occurrence and I don't even crave the bubbly anymore.  I have a new favorite drink....Tropic Punch sugar free.   Love it!!
So the weight loss is slow but the goals are moving forward.   It took a while to get this weight on....I know it will take time to get it off.  I am still shooting for a 40 pound loss by my birthday but I have also realized if I have made progress with my goals and with some weight loss then I am on the right track.
How are you doing with your goals?

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