Thursday, May 2, 2013

Camden and his Tonsils.

After too many sick days this school year and too many sore throats we decided to take Cam and his huge tonsils to get checked out by a Pediatric ENT.
Just as we suspected....they need to come out.
I learned alot about tonsils during Camden's appointment.
1.  Tonsils are really lymph nodes.
2.  Large/problematic tonsils can cause sleep apnea, attention issues during the day, increase in drainage/sinus issues and can delay growth. They also cause bad breath.

So Cam's big day is coming up in less than 2 weeks.  He said he isn't scared but ..
"My tonsils are nervous".  
Cam is choosing to think about the ice cream, Popsicles
and sprite that he gets to have for a while.
At least he can see the silver lining.

For Brad and me...the silver lining is hopefully a healthy little boy with rare sore throats.

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