Friday, May 3, 2013

Why I don't price match at Walmart.

Since I posted this picture on Facebook back in the fall of 2012 I have changed some buying habits....really changed.
I remember staying up way late to organize these coupons I had been given and printed.  I had no clue what I was doing.  My good friend Erin helped me get started and encouraged me to start with just one or two stores so I did.   My couponing life began at Smiths and Target.   But it wasn't until about 1 month ago that it all finally clicked and my stockpile/storage has grown leaps and bounds in just a matter of 4 weeks. 
I have over 30 bars of soap...most of them I just paid tax.  I decided to focus on soaps and shampoos and other personal care items first and now I am moving on to other things.  But what I love the most about this new "hobby" is the empowerment I feel.   When I use to leave the grocery store I felt defeated and wondered how on earth our budget could stretch any further.  It seemed like (and I was) paying more and getting less.    Now I feel the opposite.  I buy a hundred (or more) dollars of groceries for sixty and under.  
It is a huge blessing!  
My most favorite stores to shop are the same ones I started with....Target and Smith's.   I love the deals Smith's have that I can match  to my coupons and save.   I love that I can stack coupons at Target.   My favorite at both stores is their clearance sections where I can get things for free or almost free.   My next step in my couponing adventures is to finally add in double coupon days at Walmart.  If you don't live in Utah County then you haven't heard of this but our Walmarts double coupons each Tuesday up to $1.00.  This is my next step....we will see if I think it is actually worth it.  
 I am not a fan of Walmart.

Which brings me to share with you why I won't price match at Walmart.
1.  Their customer service stinks!   Asking for help is like asking a brand new customer wh has never been i the store where an item is.  I realize there are some great employees who do know what they are doing...unfortuatly I seem to get the one who doesn't.   One time I was at the register and not one word came out of the cashiers mouth except to quietly say "here is your recipt".   I was frustrated after standing in a long would have been nice to have at least a hello.
2.  I don't want to give Walmart all my business.   I am willing to drive around a bit to give my business to the stores I feel treat me well as a customer.  At my Smith's they know me and they always help me when I need it.   
3.  I can't match coupons to my price matched items at Walmart.   Why go where you have to do either/or....I want to have both the lower price AND the coupon savings!  

So there you have it....I love clearance sales and sales of any kind but I love them at the stores they originate! 
By the way did I mention I LOVE coupons?
If you haven't started....what are you waiting for?

Special thanks to my family and friends who save me their coupon inserts from the mail or Sunday paper! 
I am so blessed to have such support!

You guys Rock!


Erin said...

I vote that you try Walgreens before trying Walmart Double Coupons. I have found that's Walmart is not worth my time. They are always out of all the items I go for. Love Walgreens and their Register Rewards and points!

Kim said...

Walmart is good for some things, but not all. I need to try Target too!