Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simple Gumball Bracelets.

 My husband heads up to help with our LDS Ward/Stake girls camp each year. This year for a gift from the Bishopric Brenley, Haley and I decided to make gumball bracelets.  This was my first attempt at making something with gumballs so the outcome wasn't perfect but my girls loved them so I hope the other girls will too!  
Everything I read said to use small ribbon but now that I have done 26 of these I would use thicker ribbon in a heart beat!  

The bracelets were very simple.  We wrapped the ribbon around the middle ball and then tied knots at the end of each side ball.  

I chose purple balls because our Ward had "Integrity" as their value and color.

I love working with the young women and while I can't be at camp and I don't serve in the program right now I enjoy doing a little something!   Thanks to my friend Holly Moore for the inspiration!  
What would I do without you?!

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