Monday, April 14, 2014


I hear a lot of advise, beliefs and opinions from people when I start talking about our new challenges with our son.   Tomorrow as we meet with our pediatrician we are hoping for answers.....we think the diagnosis will be Type 1 ADHD.  (What use to be known as ADD).

I have been doing a lot of reading on this topic.  I was surprised to read in "ADHD A complete and Authoritative Guide" that medication is the first line of treatment recommended for most children.   The author, Dr. Michael I. Reiff,  states " is important to consider that while many parents view placing their children on stimulant medication as a last resort- after all other measures have been tried- research has shown that such other treatments are more likely to work if the child is also taking stimulants.  By helping the child focus, stimulants lay the groundwork for him to be able to respond better to behavior management techniques, academic instruction, and other demands on his attention." (page 54-55)  

No matter what diagnosis is made and no matter what treatment path we decide to take I have learned alot about this disorder.   I am thankful for friends who are working hard everyday to help their child face their own challenges with this disorder....they have taught me so much.   Treatment methods seem to be a hot topic when it comes to ADHD.  In the end a parent needs to do what they feel is best for their child.   Support from those outside the family circle is greatly appreciated.

My friend sent me this awesome image.....I love it!!!!
Not only is it helpful for me but it is how I can explain the issue to those around us.
By sending it to me, my friend validated what I was going through as a parent ....She thought of me when she saw this and thought it might be something I could use.
I love friends like her!

Hope you might find it helpful in some was as well.
At the very is cute and pleasing to the eye.  :)

An Inside Look at ADHD
by Legionnaire.
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quailene said...

Based on this chart, I wouldnt be surprised if our son has type 2 adhd. Our apptnwith his pediatrician is next week. Good luck. I look forwardnto hearing more about your journey as we may be on a similar path.


Kim said...

As someone who has struggled with this also, I would highly suggest that you tell the pediatrician to refer you to a psychologist to see if their may be another problem. Very often ADHD is comorbid with other conditions.

Also, beware that some medication may make him manic. I tried Desoxyn once, and WOO! Talk about paranoia! I got off of that so fast once I realized it was the medication.