Monday, April 28, 2014

Safe Haven Law - Utah

We had the opportunity this past week to help promote Utah's Safe Haven Law.
We had alot of fun.
We hope it makes a difference and helps save!
Spencer is a "Safe Haven Baby".  His Birth Mother is one of the most courageous women I have ever met!
We are so thankful for her gift and we send our love to her!

The story was also published in the Deseret News online and then today we learned it was in print in the 2nd section of today's paper.
You can read the article here.

We want to send a big THANK YOU to Richard Piatt for doing such an awesome job!!
By the way....Richard Piatt is very tall!  6 foot 6 inches.
 And he is super nice!
In case you ever wondered.  lol :)

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DTVpro said...

As the cofounders of a Baby Safe Haven awareness group we greatly appreciate your story becoming public in the media. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and place your family under the public eye in order to help others.
As safe haven awareness experts we have also learned that the majority of other groups around the country are only using a small part of the resources they can to make sure that fewer and fewer young women make the same tragic decisions as the Utah Mom. But regrettably her story was just one of dozens we have heard this winter, and into the spring. The last 6 months have been the worst in ten years for newborn abandonments, dozens of lives lost or put in dire jeopardy.
We're hoping that you can help one more time. We're calling for the states who help promote their Baby Safe Haven laws, and the many foundations that also promote these laws begin to do what we in New ENgland have done for over seven years.
When you watch safe haven awareness campaigns there is always something missing. You NEVER see young people out talking to their peers about the laws, hotlines and info web sites. It's always older people, authorities, and mostly people over 60 years old in the major media centers of NY, CA, IL, and FL.
Until teens and 20s see their peers in point positions, and as spokespeople, for Baby Safe Haven laws we will see an increase in abandonments.
In New England we only use young people in the media, and they direct what will work to communicate to their peers. Our success has lead to over seven years between deadly newborn abandonments, these used to be one per year before our laws passed.
Stories about the results of the successes of safe haven laws are great to read, but young people telling young people about the laws brings about these stories.