Saturday, April 12, 2014

Empathy and Mothering

I am heartsick tonight for my little 7 year old.  
He has so many worries, so many fears.   It reminds me of someone I know.....ya, that would be ME!
I am thankful tonight for having the opportunity to "get" my child.
Anxiety, worries, fears....they have been part of my life as far back as I can remember and when I look into my little boy's big brown anxious eyes I see a little of myself.   I wish he didn't have to deal with this challenge but he does and so I count my blessing that I can say "Cam, I totally understand and it is going to be ok".   Together me and my little buddy are going to take these sour lemons and make some awesome lemonade.
I know we can because it has been done before in my own life.   With help from our loving Heavenly Father all things are possible...I know this without a doubt!

Camden had to fill out his paperwork portion for his big doctor's appointment on Monday.   Some of his answers to the questions were totally awesome and made me laugh like when it asked him if he could wish for anything  what would it be (he got to share three).   So he writes: 1.  A new sister (not going to be happening), 2.  a stuffed bunny rabbit (really??? ) and his last one 3.   Three more wishes.   I thought he would put something like a trip to Disneyland or a huge box of Legos ....but no....a new sister and a stuffed bunny??   Cracks me up!     Answers to other questions made my heart drop and left me sick to my stomach like when he said he doesn't have a best friend and kids at school don't like him.   I don't know how much of this is truly accurate but accurate or not if he really believes it then he feels it.   This understanding makes me so sad.

Tonight I am staying up late again with my 4 year old who has strep.  We are enjoying Frozen together.   Spencer is doing better tonight for which I am thankful.    It is so hard to see little people in pain.  Here again empathy helps me be a better mother....helps me be able to understand the pain  my child is dealing with.   My own challenges and pain in the end help me help my family.....never really thought about it that way before.   
So here's to lemons and might take some work but it is going to be ok!

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